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Frederick W. Joyner Distinguished Service Award

Please join us in recognizing the commitment and work of your fellow NABIP-NC members by nominating them for the Frederick W. Joyner Distinguished Service Award.


This award honors an NABIP-NC member who has performed special services at the local, state or national level over an extended period of time. Do you know an NABIP-NC member who has contributed significantly, above and beyond what is normally called for, in connection with this association's volunteer service? Then please nominate that member. Your nominee should have demonstrated not only an exemplary commitment of time but also selflessly used their talents and, at times, their own finances for the advancement of this Association and the health insurance industry which we all serve.

MARCH 31, 2023

Nomination Form


In addition to the following requirements, the committee will also give consideration to industry awards and recognitions such as LPRT and Triple Crown.


The criteria for this award are as follows:


Must be an NABIP-NC member in good standing


Must be a former or present contributing member of the NABIP PAC


Shows active interest in insurance related legislative matters, both state and federal


Demonstrates strong leadership abilities and willingness to help others


Is a living example of the NABIP Code of Ethics -- has supported right principles, opposed bad practices and demonstrated the highest ideals of professionalism


Nominee may not currently be holding the title of the following: State Immediate Past President, State President, or State President-Elect


Nominee must be endorsed by either a past award recipient or the nominee's local, or state board

The selection committee may make an exception to the above criteria if the nominee is nominated, or endorsed, by a past award recipient and in the event that the exception is agreed upon by a two-thirds Committee majority.

Nomination Process Rules

To nominate your candidate, submit the form below and a detailed narrative summary (2,000 word limit) outlining your nominee’s accomplishments, using the criteria listed above as a guideline.




Your submission must include the NABIP-NC application form          and the narrative summary


This award nomination may be submitted by any individual member in good standing or by a chapter president or awards chair on behalf of the chapter

Final selection will be made by the Committee according to rules and procedures adopted by the Committee. All of the decisions of the Committee shall be final and not subject to appeal

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